Product Icons.


As a result of a greater brand refresh, I was tasked with creating a bold, cohesive set of icons for TechSmith’s software, including Snagit, Camtasia, Relay, Morae, and Jing; a letterform was the most successful way to do so.

The icon set has several layers. While TechSmith tools offer their own niche applications, each individual product promotes enhanced communication and idea-sharing. Based on that ideology, the base shape was created as an abstract thought bubble.

Triangles, taken from the TechSmith logo mark, were applied to offer more visual interest and dimension, and lend a dynamic grid with which to craft each product letter.

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Playing Cards.


TechSmith, maker of screen recording and video editing tools, encourages communication and collaboration via computer, tablet, and smartphone. As a holiday gift for mavens and customers, I crafted a company-branded deck of cards to invite our users to step away from their devices for quality face-to-face time.

The design was inspired by the inner workings of technology; a circuit board. Each suit embodies the square shape of the company logo, and each face value uses a letter of the company name, conveniently spelling TechSmith for values 2-10. Intentional line spacing adds depth and movement to an otherwise two-dimensional design.

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Education Brochure Series.


This brochure series was created for TechSmith as a print supplement for education-focused trade shows. Each brochure features an introduction to TechSmith’s products in the classroom, a brief step-by-step guide to getting started, and suggestions for use. The education theme is carried throughout the series with chalkboard-themed titles and imagery.

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Party Invitations.


Each year, TechSmith throws a birthday bash to celebrate adventures, successes, and lessons-learned as a company. When the company celebrated its 25th birthday in 2013, the Events Committee chose a red carpet-inspired “Silver Soirée” theme to commemorate the quarter-century milestone.

The invitation, as well as all event collateral, featured a starburst created with images of silver party decor, and silver foil details. The affair was elegant and sparkling.

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