I’m Vicari Vollmar. I’m a 25-year-old graphic designer, foodie, and self-proclaimed life-enthusiast with an affinity for tequila, bright lips, stick-shift, and general bad-assery. I firmly believe in carbohydrates, horoscopes, and the power of friendship.

As a July-born Cancerian, I’m a family-oriented pseudo-perfectionist with a knack for solving problems. I specialize in identity and publication design, and thoroughly enjoy some good old-fashioned wordsmithing. When I’m not making magic, I lend my minutes to team sports, good stories, and admiring the moon.

I am most comfortable being human.


In the wake of an ended relationship, faced with an unexpected, overwhelming lifestyle change, I loaded my fine-point black Sharpie and embarked on a journey of self-rediscovery in a hand-bound, handwritten journal titled “Just Keep Swimming.”

While the contents of said handwritten masterpiece are filled with unimaginable empowerment, growth and wisdom, they also contain enough dirty laundry and gut-busting tales of woe to simultaneously set your cheeks ablaze and involuntarily wet your knickers.

Cue So Vicarious, my digital supplement to “Just Keep Swimming,” and wholly approved for public consumption. After one year of healing through ink, I’m expanding my arsenal of weapons of mass creation to include, among others, both pen and keys. Follow along as I tackle life head-on, learning how best to navigate its highs, lows and in-betweens.

Welcome to living so vicariously through me.


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