10-Week Body Challenge: Week 3

I’ve never been a snacker. As a child, I generally avoided chips, crackers, and popcorn, and, surprisingly, I wasn’t fond of candy. I preferred cheese-based foods (artificial or otherwise), and actual, decadent dessert. Like Velveeta and crème brûlée. Or a maple-glazed doughnut with custard.

As an adult, I still do.

While folks lined up during Thanksgiving dinner to pound turkey, potatoes, and casserole, I hung a hard right towards the 9″ x 12″ holding a sea of bread pudding. Nevermind the gravy, I wanted bourbon caramel sauce down my throat as soon as possible.

Full disclosure, I ate three helpings (no shame).

My diet—which is generally wholesome, moderate, and clean—is no stranger to the infrequent sundae or piece of cake (as it should be). But 15 days into this body challenge without any kind of dessert, and I’m over here seriously considering the lengths I’d go to for a chocolate-filled croissant. Avoiding excess sugar is not for the faint of heart, my people.

And while I’m routinely full and satisfied from my current meal plan, I can’t quit the daydreams of chocolatier things to come. In the interim, I’ve developed this new habit of burying my head into whatever vessel holding whatever sweet, and breathing deeply as if to consume by scent. It’s only mildly effective.

So, after two successful weeks (4.9 lb. lost, 0.4 lb. muscle added, and a 2.5% decrease in body fat) sans sweets, I smashed a piece of gourmet chocolate by Oh Mi Organics last night with the fury of a starving cheetah. And it was fucking delicious.

When this is over, I’m putting down a whole cheesecake (not really).


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Body Composition and Nutrition

Starting weight: 144.1 lb.
Starting skeletal muscle mass: 57.8 lb.
Starting percent body fat: 27.5%

Current weight: 139.3 lb. (-4.9 lb.)
Current skeletal muscle mass: 58.2 lb. (+0.4 lb.)
Current percent body fat: 25% (-1%)

Daily caloric intake: 1,661
Carbohydrates: 166g
Protein: 125g
Fat: 55g

In My Mouth

I tried Blue Apron a year ago for the sole purpose of trying new foods, and my first meal—crispy catfish with a spicy yellow coconut curry and loads of kale—was incredible. I routinely include this masterpiece in my weekly line-up, substituting Swai for catfish to cut costs. To offset this savory gem, I included some baked apple pie rice paper rolls because the sugar-struggle is real.



  • Scrambled eggs with cheese
  • Fage 2% greek yogurt with honey
  • Gala apples
  • Coconut chocolate chip bar, Clif
  • Vanilla protein shakes, Complete Nutrition

In My Ears

I walked outside this weekend in a light jacket and didn’t immediately freeze. The air smelled like spring, and it had me nostalgic for warmer, damper days, so I cued up some hits from memories of rainy runs.

  • We Belong (Odesza remix), RAC, Katie Herzig
  • Where Are Ü Now, Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber
  • Fast Lane, Rationale

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Vicari Vollmar Conley

F/27. I'm a production manager, foodie, and self-proclaimed life-enthusiast with an affinity for tequila, bright lips, stick-shift, and general bad-assery. I firmly believe in carbohydrates, horoscopes, and the power of friendship.

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